Who is At Risk for Brain Injury?

The frightening thing about brain and spinal cord injuries is that they can happen anytime, anywhere. Anyone can be the victim of a serious injury, despite their age, gender, race, or occupation. However, some people are more prone to brain injuries than others. You can learn more about some of those who may be at a higher risk for brain injuries on this page.

General Demographics

It is important to remember that anyone can be the victim of an accident that results in traumatic brain injury. But, generally speaking, there are some demographics that are at a higher risk than others. For example, generally speaking, men are more prone to traumatic brain injuries than women are.

Those in their teens and early twenties are an at risk group, as well as the elderly. Young people are at risk because they sometimes engage in risky or reckless behavior that can cause accidents. Alternatively, the elderly may be at risk because they have less control over their bodies and strength, so they may be prone to falls and accidents.

In addition, those who use alcohol or medications regularly might also be more at risk for brain injuries than others. This is because regular use of drugs can impair judgement and affect motor skills, which might lead to accidents.

A few common causes of traumatic brain injury include assault, sport accidents, and falls. But the most common cause of traumatic brain injury is motor vehicle accidents.

Risky Behavior

If you have a loved one who participates in certain types of risky behavior, they will be at a higher risk for traumatic brain injury. For example, if your loved one regularly indulges in drugs or alcohol, speeds, or participates in extreme sports, they may be at risk for traumatic brain injury.

In addition, those who work dangerous jobs could face traumatic brain injury at a higher rate than someone who sits behind a desk all day. Jobs such as construction, working as a police officer or firefighter, or working in a factor, can be dangerous. Remind a loved one to be careful if they work a dangerous job.

Are Children At Risk?

Another demographic that are prone to traumatic brain injuries are children under the age of five. Children tend to fall a lot, due to the fact that their bodies are not fully developed and they are just learning things about balance, standing, walking, and sitting. Many babies fall and do not have any major issues. However, some of these falls can result in permanent brain injuries.

In addition, small children could be the victims of accidents such as being hit by cars or bikes. Children generally cannot get out of the way of these vehicles fast enough to avoid an accident, and drivers may not see them due to their size.

Preventing Injury

The fact of the matter is that accidents happen – and they can happen to anyone, anywhere. Even someone who is not particularly at risk can sustain a traumatic brain injury. But, if you know someone who might fall into one of these categories for higher risk of traumatic brain injury, remind them to be careful. Watch children carefully. Help the elderly maintain their strength and assist them with difficult tasks. Explain to young adults the consequences of risky behavior. Remind your loved ones who have dangerous jobs to be extra vigilant. And if an accident does occur, get help as soon as possible.

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