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This website is a resource for those searching for answers about brain and spinal cord injuries in the state of New York.  Our goal is to provide a singular resource to answer your questions.

Injuries or trauma to a person’s spinal cord can cause a host of problems from minor chronic pain, to debilitating physical limitations, or even paralysis.

Brain injuries are a life changing event. Questions about treatment, recovery, prognosis, care, and funding need to be answered. We can help.

Finding the proper rehab options are vital. Whether inpatient or outpatient let us help find the best options for you or your loved one.

Our clients come from all walks of life, but they all share one thing: they’ve experienced a needless, catastrophic injury.


Brain Injury

Brain injuries can range from minor to severe. Learn about different types of brain injuries and how to get help here.

Spinal Injury

If you know someone who is facing a spinal cord injury, they will need help. Learn how to help them in this section.


Recovering from a serious injury is a difficult and lengthy process. Learn more about rehabilitation here.

Rehabilitation Centers

Find rehabilitation centers across New York State by Region

Financial Impacts

A brain or spinal injury can have lasting financial impacts on your loved ones and extended family. Learn about the impacts and how to address them.


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain caused by a sudden, violent blow to either the body generally or the head directly. TBI can also be caused by any object that punctures brain tissue.


When a person experiences trauma to their spinal cord, it usually results in a spinal cord injury. Depending on which part of the spine is injured, a person could face different types of spinal cord injuries.


Treating spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries can be complex tasks. There are many ways to treat these injuries, which you can learn more about in this section.

Paralysis is one serious consequence of spinal cord injury. There are many different types of paralysis, including flaccid paralysis, facial paralysis, sleep paralysis, primary periodic paralysis, and more

If your loved one was involved in an accident, they might not be able to take care of themselves. If this is the case, they might need consistent medical assistance, as well as the help of a caregiver. 


An accident can have a devastating affect on your loved one. The severity of your loved one’s injuries will depend on the circumstances of their accident and the particular injury that they sustained. Learn more about specific injuries here.

Of course you want to get your loved one the best help possible after an injury. But, you need to be practical and consider your family’s financial situation. Luckily, there are ways that you can pay for treatment. 


While Medicare and Medicaid are similar services, they differ in some significant ways. Before you decide which option is right for your family – if you do choose to use one of these options – make sure that you understand them. 


While accidents do happen, sometimes a person can be legally at fault for an accident or a subsequent injury. If your loved one has suffered loss of financial resources and quality of life due to an injury, contact my office to see if your family can recover compensation.

There are many different treatment and rehabilitation facilities throughout the state of New York. To find the right one for your family, check out our section on rehabilitation