What is Suppression of Scar Formation?

If your loved one is the victim of a spinal cord injury, your family is probably interested in any treatment out there that might be able to help them. While there is currently no cure for paralysis, there are some treatment options that have had promising results. Peripheral nerve rerouting is one of these treatment options that might be able to make a difference for your loved one.

Another potential treatment for paralysis is suppression of scar formation. This treatment is currently not available for humans, but tests on animals have had promising results thus far. While suppression of scar formation will not be available to your loved one now, it could be in the future. You can learn more about this treatment option here.

What is Suppression of Scar Formation?

Suppression of scar formation and spinal cord regeneration are ideas that go hand in hand. The theory behind this treatment is that by reducing the amount of inflammation after an accident, and preventing scar tissue, axons in the spine have a better chance of regrowing.

As we know, spinal cord injuries can cause a lot of inflammation in the body and especially in the spinal cord. Specialized nerve cells, also called gladia, can also be lost in spinal cord injuries. This can happen when nerve fibres are damaged in the accident or shortly after the accident.

When these things happen, they form dense and fibrous scar tissue that can make it difficult for axons in the spine to regenerate. Suppression of scar formation as well as spinal cord regeneration try to reverse scarring as well as help nerve fibres heal.

The first step in suppression of scar formation treatment is to remove and suppress scar tissue in the body. Then, neutral cells in the body are regenerated. This is accomplished by using a form of therapy, such as stem cell treatment.

Treatment for Your Loved One

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this post, suppression of scar formation is currently not a treatment available to humans. However, it may become a treatment used in spinal cord injuries in the future. If you would like to learn more about this treatment, you can contact my office. I can provide you with additional resources. To learn more about treatment options for your loved one, check out some of the other pages in this section of my website. You can also contact a doctor with any questions or concerns.

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