Open Head Injuries

In another post on this website, I discussed closed head injuries and how they may impact you or your loved one’s life. On this page, I want to discuss another type of brain injury – the open head injury, also known as a penetrating injury. In many cases, an open head injury can be very serious. If your loved one suffered this type of injury, you can learn more about it here.

What is an Open Head Injury?

Open head injuries happen when a foreign object penetrates the skull. When this happens, an object will enter the brain. For example, an open head injury may happen as a result of a car crash. If an object breaks free and hits a person’s head at a high velocity, it might penetrate the skull and enter the brain. Another common type of open head injury is a bullet injury, when a bullet enters the brain. If an object such as a bullet enters the brain and then exits it, this is referred to as a perforating brain injury. High velocity objects, such as bullets, can enter the brain, but low velocity objects, such as knives, can also enter the brain.

Another way that an open head injury might occur is if a person sustains a skull fracture. In this case, a skull fragment may break off in a person’s head and penetrate into the brain. In this case, a person may suffer right brain function issues or left brain function issues. Skull fractures may occur as a result of a physical assault, a car accident, a sports injury, or some other event.

What Will Happen to My Loved One?

If your loved one has sustained an open head injury, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the prognosis for those facing an open head injury is not good. Survival rate is very low, but quick action could possibly save a person’s life, depending on their circumstances. However, even if a person survives an open head injury, they will likely be left with permanent brain defects. Many will require constant care.

Getting Help

Open head injuries can be very traumatic for your entire family. If your loved one suffered an open head injury, and someone else is at fault for an accident or an assault, it is important to seek justice for your loved one. If a criminal act was committed, a criminal case can be opened. Even if the issue causing the injury was an accident, the person who caused the accident can still be held responsible. If you would like to explore your family’s options when it comes to dealing with an open head injury and compensation, please contact my office. I can review your loved one’s situation and help your family determine the best course of action. I am happy to assist your family in any way that I can during this difficult time.

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